Gamer Family

Books, games, superhero’s and comic books make up the best parts of my childhood memories. As children we grabbed sticks from the yard that magically transformed into light sabers. Bedtime stories were filled with hobbits, ancient myths and talking animals.

Young adulthood involved rolling dice to conquer mighty beasts, capture continents, pass GO!, and sink Battleships! This continued into my teenage years with card games. During college I found a new type of gaming store and my love of all the things came rushing back as I discovered how the gaming industry had progressed.

These days we have a group of friends we game with several times a week. As well as a designated night for my kids and their friends to play board games or a variety of kid themed roll plying games (RPG).

The laughter, excitement and bonding that happens when we gather around the table is amazing. Our dining room becomes as magical as the Tardis transporting us across time and space.

Hopefully, you enjoy the stories, adventures and game reviews as much as we do.