Sassy Viking Mama

I am a stay at home mama with three children and an amazing partner who encourages and supports me and my dreams. Some days I am a sassy Viking taking on the world; other days the beasts I slay are bills, runny noses, laundry, more laundry, and random life appointments.

We try to handle life with grace, sass, passion and creativity. Some days I manage grace, others I exercise my favorite phrase a lot (For Fucks Sake!). However, we manage it all together.

I have been fortunate that I have had some amazing life adventures. Cosplay, Viking reenactment, Renaissance Faires, Hiking, camping, festivals, Amtgard, and so much more. There are people who have forever changed me, some have crossed the veil and I miss them everyday, others blessed me by no longer being a part of my life.

At the heart of this, long before my partner and children, has been my passion for writing, creating, and connecting. With much encouragement from my tribe I am exploring my passions and seeing where the journey takes me.